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Incredible Story – Dye Rotor Survives Car Fire, Still Works!

Thursday, June 27th, 2013


The title says it all.  George Bel, a school teacher who picked the wrong day to leave his windows cracked in the faculty parking lot, was the victim of a horrible finals week retaliation by one of his students.  However, rising from the flames was this incredible story of a Dye Rotor proving it’s durability even in the most extreme environments.

by George Bel

“Working as a teacher has its perks. One of those perks is that you get to do lots of great things with the kids.  For example,  I was trying to start up a paintball club at our school. Out of eight potentially interested students, there were six Dye owners, and at one point we were trying to put together a proposal to hopefully get sponsored by you guys.

Being a teacher also has its downs, however… I’ve learned the hard way that I should never park my car in the staff teachers parking spots with my windows open, no matter how hot it gets. Some disgruntled student decided to torch a teachers car indiscriminately, and I was the lucky winner of that raffle.

I lost everything in there, including my izon sight, but my Rotor miraculously lived, and works just fine! Thank goodness I left my Dye Dam at home that day, I would have cried if I lost that guy.”

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